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SmartDeploy - SysPrep Error: A Fatal Error occurred while trying to Sysprep the machine. Smart Deploy Setup Wrapper -- Unable to update the boot configuration database

Jeffrey Newell

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I am getting the following error on a batch of 20 or so HP 8300 workstations when re-imaging them with Windows 10.

One of my engineers created the image using SmartDeploy and incorporated the Platform Packs.. 

I've used my Image Disks for various flavors of HP systems in our environment (8000, 8200's, 8300's) with no major issues (total of about 500 machines)

I had the installer verify the BIOS / Firmware levels and they appear to be the same.   

I'm going to have of the failed ones Fed-ex'ed back to me...

Since SysPrep is failing our default admin acct hasn't been created and I can't login as administrator since the account is disabled (I can get around this with special boot disks)

I'm wondering if a BIOS setting or a Fiber NIC card at this particular location would be causing this error. 

Anyone else encounter this or have any ideas?





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Hi Jeff,

You can enable the local administrator account by:

  • Booting to your boot media
  • Select Deploy an Image -> Advanced
  • Enable local administrator account

As for your sysprep error, ensure you're using the latest version of SmartDeploy and boot the problematic machine to your boot media. Click the Collect Logs button and send us your logs. Support @ smartdeploy .com

Please refer to this thread in the email.


SmartDeploy Support

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