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Permissions required to use SmartDeploy


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We are a new customer of SDE, gearing up for a ~800 PC Win10 deployment (upgrade). I've installed SDE on a shiney new Windows Server 2012 and now I need to give my HelpDesk staff access. I would rather not give them admin access (rule of least privilege). Before I start testing permission levels, does anyone know the permissions my users would require in order to create, store, update, and deploy images?



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An alternative to this would be to deploy through WDS. I personally manage all of the images/vm/WDS side and my team can deploy to the machines as they please through a network boot. It's rather handy, but make sure you configure the required options (66 and 67 I think) on your DHCP server. Check here for a starting point http://windowsitpro.com/networking/configuring-dhcp-and-wds. Definitely 66 and 67, I just checked my notes. If you are fancying this route for your deployment I have information, that would hopefully be helpful, stored in evernote that I could export and send you.

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