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HP ProBook 645 BSOD


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After the image is applied using USB boot media, all the HP ProBook 645 G1 laptops I image blue screen on 62% of installing devices. The blue screen shows hcmon.sys and after the reboot, Windows states it cannot complete the install and wants to restart by clicking an OK button. It continuously loops this message. Thanks for any help. Using SmartDeploy Enterprise 2.0.2010

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Have (had) just worked through the same issue on Laptop - HP EliteBook Windows 7 Pro 850 G1. Weird thing was it never gave problems before (with this model) - coming here I thought "that seems reasonable" and maybe adopt a policy of not using dirty sticks "don't use SD sticks for VM" - reformatted media - created USB - that didn't work. Tried  a different stick with a different reference image - no BSOD. Knowing for sure it's something on that stick it doesn't like - deleted the platform package and deployed - no BSOD. Had to download from the site a couple times, first time it said pp was corrupt - next deployment with pp was ok. If windows had a verbose mode during installation, that would be very helpful.

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