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Dell Latitude 7370 BSOD - Windows 7


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I had recently purchased a Dell Latitude 7370 and downloaded the package for it to install Windows 7 (x64). I'm using offline deployment and set it up on a USB drive. I'm able to boot up and install fine but the first time it tries to boot into Windows 7 it blue screens. I was able to capture an image of the blue screen with "*** STOP: 0x0000007B"

Any ideas for this?


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Will be interesting if you get around that m.2 - We have a unit that (I believe) the firmware is not updated causing the drive not to be recognized, and we have no plans going forward stepping back for this model to legacy OS. But on another unit, properly patched m.2 (was already updated) works like any other drive.

My issue is with the package on SD site, something in the 7370 package is hosing my deploy, was hoping for a forum thread to report an issue with packages - Once I add the 7370 package I get stuck at getting ready screen, never finishes - without package, SD deploys.

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Hey EBurnett,

I'm interested in your problem deploying with the 7370 platform pack. If you like, please email us at "support (at) smartdeploy.com" with some more details and we can work to find the cause of the problem with that pack. 



SmartDeploy Support

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