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Lenovo M800 motherboard replaced; SD doesn't know what it is


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Strange Issue. We had a lenovo M800 tiny that had its motherboard replaced due to failure. Now when trying to reimage it, SmartDeploy doesn't know what this system is. During imaging, the model reads "Lenovo Product" and not the actual model of the system. Is there somewhere I can tell SD what the computer is? Maybe it is in the BIOS somewhere. I will check. If not, what is my best course of action? thanks!



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Hi Steven,

Yes, this is a common issue that can occur with system board replacements. The model identifier is set by the manufacturer, and cannot generally be changed by the end user - but it is something we can offer a workaround for.

As a first step, go ahead and download our wmi.vbs script from Step 1 on the Platform Pack Request Form, and run it on the target device (you can do this via WindowsPE command prompt if the device doesn't currently have an OS on it).


This will generate a file, wmi.txt, in the same folder where the script is located - send this file to support (at) smartdeploy.com (along with a link to this DeployCentral thread), and we will send further instructions.


SmartDeploy Support Team



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DeployCentral Forum

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