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Windows 10, Windows Update, and Sysprep


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    I ran Windows Updates on my Windows 10 Hyper-V virtual machine. When I went to capture the image, I got the error message "The virtual machine appears to be upgraded. Sysprep will not function...".

I had previously been able to capture this VM. Any thoughts on fixing the error?





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Hi Marc,

Long story short, yes, there's a workaround for this. This all started back in November, when Microsoft decided to install the 1511 update (and, it appears, all future Windows 10 updates) as an in-place upgrade via Windows Update, which made it impossible to run Sysprep on the image at deployment time, since Sysprep will not run on an upgraded OS. Caused no shortage of deployment headaches.

Once this issue became apparent, we added a check to Capture Wizard to prevent users from capturing images from upgraded operating systems, since – at the time – we knew that these images would not deploy properly.

As of the 1607 update, however, Microsoft has fixed Sysprep and allowed it to run on an upgraded OS. We will be updating Capture Wizard again in our next release (coming soon) to permit capturing upgraded images as long as they have 1607 or later installed. In the meantime, we can offer a workaround.

Since this issue will be moot in a couple of weeks, I'll not post the workaround here (don't want to cause any inadvertent registry problems), but I'll send it to you via email shortly.

Anyone else who is running into this issue, please email us at support (at) smartdeploy.com, and we'll be happy to send you the workaround as well if needed.

SmartDeploy Support Team



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