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A Faster Move to Windows 10


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If i am not mistaking, USMT has been or is being integrated with SmartDeploy. Is this integration base on the upgrade or refresh scenario? From the looks of it, it is base on the upgrade scenario where the user is keeping their pc but windows is being upgraded from win 7 to win 10. Would it work in my case since I will be replacing the old PC's with new ones?

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There is no UI option planned for this (as this feature has only been designed to allow user data to be backed up and restored from an existing PC) - however, USMT is installed and run on the target PC at deployment time, so it is conceivable that if you backed up the user data (.mig) file to a network location, then copied that file down to the target PC afterward, you could run a LoadState command manually to restore the user data at that time.

LoadState lives in C:\Windows\Temp after deployment is complete (assuming you've enabled the USMT option in Deploy Wizard), so you can run this command:

C:\Windows\Temp\LoadState.exe [path to .mig file] /c /l:C:\\Windows\\Temp\\LoadState.log /lac

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I tried turning on the User Migration, imaged a test computer, and it backed it up to a shared network drive, but after the image I logged in as the same login and none of the files were there, there was a folder on the harddrive with the computer name and a folder called USMT. It appears to have backed it up to the network then copied it to the harddrive. I just don't know how to extract the info from the USMT file and thought it would happen automatically.

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