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Console Service Issues


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I recently upgraded SmartDeploy to version  2.0.2010, and successfully deployed the client app to most of our workstations.  Yesterday was fine, but today however I cannot keep the SmartDeploy Console running!  The error below occurs several minutes after trying to select a library (pics attached).  If I do select any of the libraries, it takes a long time for the list to populate.... if at all.

Untitled2.png  Untitled.png


I've tried stopping and restarting the service, as well as rebooting the server itself.  Besides the SmartDeploy update, I've also ran Windows updates this week....but nothing today.

Server specs are:  Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter..... 16GB ram.... 432GB free space on OS drive.... 

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This has been an ongoing issue in previous releases. Another post said version 2.0.2010 was supposed to fix the issue. Asking the customer for the logs is a waste of time. Please get this repaired ASAP as school is right around the corner and I am experiencing this also.

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I didn't realize they put out a new version last week, I'm upgrading now (with their blessing).  I went thru a number of special builds with them and many changes were made.  My case isn't considered officially solved yet until I reach a certain number of clients....currently at 399.  We'll see how it goes.

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