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Post-Image Restart


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We just upgraded to version 2.0.2010 and we've been experimenting with unattended deployments.  We have several domain GPOs that load when SmartDeploy places the client on our domain, but they don't take affect until the client gets restarted.  At this point we would normally log into a client and restart it manually.

What we'd like to do is have the client restart after all other deployment steps are completed and we're staring at the domain login prompt.  This would allow true unattended deployment without user interaction.....such as a lab environment and/or after hours.

I've tried modifying the answer file by adding "tasks" under the "advanced options", but it did not trigger at the right time.  Any ideas on how we can make this work?


Thanx in advance!

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Attached is a VBScript that will update the Windows Unattend.xml that will get used. Run this as a post image task. I.e. open Deploy Wizard, Advanced, Tasks, add “after image is applied” task…



Wscript.exe C:\scripts\autoadmin.vbs (This assumes the .vbs is sitting in this path on your image).


Edit the script for the correct user name and password. (Replace “demo” and “pass@word1”.).


Create another task at first logon with the following command:


cmd.exe /c shutdown.exe /r


SmartDeploy Support


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