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One or more required services are not running error

Guest Stanley

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Guest Stanley

I'm trying to image a Latitude E7270 with Windows 7, but after the computer restarts after the setup, an error pops ups stating "One or more required services are not running."

I hit ok and the computer boots up with the image but none of the drivers are recognized and the resolution of the display is incorrect.

Has anyone seen this error before and found a fix? I've made sure that the all of the updates for windows 7 were installed in the reference virtual machine before capturing it. 

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Hi Stanley,

There are a few issues here. First, the Latitude E7270 is a newer device, so it may have shipped with the BIOS preconfigured for Windows 10. This would most likely cause a boot failure after the image is applied, but it couldn't hurt to check the BIOS settings and make sure they support Windows 7. Here are the settings you'll need to confirm:

-Boot Sequence = UEFI

-Advanced Boot Options = Enable Legacy Option ROMs (checked)

Secure Boot

-Secure Boot Enable = Disabled

It also sounds as if the Platform Pack was not used at deployment time. Can we have a look at C:\Windows\Debug\Deploy.log from the affected device?
We'll also need the following logs:

If the OS is unresponsive and you're unable to retrieve it via Windows Explorer, let us know - we can provide instructions for how to retrieve it via WindowsPE command prompt instead.

You can reach us at support (at) smartdeploy.com.

SmartDeploy Support Team



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Guest Stanley

I get the error " the server process could not be started because the configured identity is incorrect. check the username and password." when i try to access windows explorer. The image was not connected to the domain or anything before this.


Also I've been able to image this laptop to windows 7 before using a different program, but I'll see if the bios is what could be causing this.

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Guest Stanley

So I changed the bios settings and same error. It pops with the "smartdeploy setup wrapper" header during the part where windows says "Setup is preparing your computer for first time use"

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So just to follow up on this just in case someone else is having the same issue.

SmartDeploy Support basically just told me that the Sysprep was crashing during the deployment. I had to install each program one by one and test the image in between to find out which program was causing it.

I found that it wasn't actually a program that was causing the crash. It had something to do with changing the ownership of the C:\ drive to the local admin. So I basically just left the ownership to TrustedInstaller and everything booted up fine.


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I am having this issue. Sysprep seems to crash after the image is on and then the laptop is essentially useless and you can't get into anything.

I do not know why SYSPREP is failing.


The ownership to TrustedInstaller suggestion above sounds like it might help but it isn't particularly helpful because no where in the deployment process is there anything about taking ownership of the C drive.

If someone could please assist it would be good.

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Hi all,

We've reached out to HaughtonS by email, as the cause of this issue has likely changed since this thread was originally created. If anyone else runs into this particular error, please feel free to reach out to us via email - support (at) smartdeploy.com


SmartDeploy Support

        888.7DEPLOY    toll-free





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        Windows deployment solutions



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