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How does the SmartDeploy client communicate?

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I've just upgraded to SD 2.0.2000.  I've manually installed the SDClient to a machine, specifying the name of my desktop as the console.  I have yet to see the client machine appear in Computer Management.  How does SD communicate to the console machine?  The machines are are separate VLANs, and we do not allow broadcast traffic.  I'm just wondering if it is something as simple as that, or if I need to dig deeper. Is there a log file on the client machine that I could check (I haven't found one yet)?

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Hi Steve,

You need to specify a host name or IP address when you install the SmartDeploy Client. If they are on separate VLANs, and you do not allow traffic between the clients on one VLAN and the console on another, that would prevent push deployments initiated from the console (as well as other network-based deployments initiated from the client-side) from functioning properly.

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I've resolved my issue, and discovered a bug. 

I've found "c:\windows\syswow64\smartdeploy\clientservice.xml.console" as the file where the console name/address is located.  If I use an IP address, communication is fine.  If I use my machine name, it is not actually entered into the file at ConsoleIPAddress.  Further testing shows if I use fully letter based names such as "tester", or "doiwork", the information will show up,  however, we have a wide usage of underscores in our naming convention.  If I set the console to be "testmachine", it will appear in this file, but if I set it to be "test_machine", it will not, thereby not communicating.  On my workstation, I do use an underscore in the name. I have not done any further testing to see if it is just an underscore or if there are other concerns like hyphens.

In our case, most likely we would have to host this on a server for central use of multiple people (helpdesk, etc), and it wouldn't be a problem, but I will potentially have to hard code my IP to insure that this works, or change my workstation name to remove the "_"


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