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Run BAT during (after) deployment

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Hi all

I have finally found a way to set preferred frequency on Intel wifi to 5Ghz but:

It's done with a bat file, that needs to be run as administrator..

How do i do this..?

And at which phase..?

I would like to run it as part of a platform pack, so it only affects computers with Intel Wifi adapters.

Any help would be nice.. :-)



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Hi Kenneth,

Perform the following:

  • Create a folder called script (For Example) and include your .bat file into that folder
  • Open your platform pack and expand both the Dell and Model node
  • Right click the operating system node and select Add
  • Browse to the script folder you created above
  • Click OK
  • Click on the script folder and click Add under tasks
  • Add the following task: Cmd.exe /c [PlatformFolder]\Script\script.bat
  • Set the phase as First Logon. You may have luck in using First Boot, but this will have to be tested
  • Save the platform pack and deploy using the updated pack.


SmartDeploy Support

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