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Bluetooth enumerator does not exist on imaged laptops

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I am using a trial version to determine if my organization will purchase the software, but I have run into a roadblock which may turn into a dealbreaker when we are looking to purchase.

The Windows 7 image was created in Virtual Box, and all imaged desktop computers are working fine, however I have some Lenovo e560 laptops, and the Bluetooth interfaces in the Device Manager are not installed properly. The Intel Wireless Bluetooth device is installed with an ! on it, and an error that the device cannot be started. The Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator is missing.

I tried to install the Intel driver that I found in the drivers folder of the working unimaged computer, but it says the device is unplugged or does not exist.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling from Device manager and uninstalling and deleting the driver files.

I have noticed that the registry is missing a lot of keys having to do with Bluetooth, but importing registry files from the working computer has not helped.

If we cannot get this working, this software is useless to us.

I wanted to include screenshots, but I couldn't figure out how to upload them.


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Hi Lia,

Thanks for taking the time to evaluate SmartDeploy!

Looks like we have to update the bluetooth driver in this pack. Can you email support@smartdeploy and refer to this thread and we can update you when the updated pack has been posted.


SmartDeploy Support

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