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Automapping in SmartDeploy PE


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Hello everyone, I just started using Smartdeploy, I am very excited and happy with it so far. I just have a few questions that hopefully someone can answer for me:

As I am trying to make this as simple as possible, I have created a service account to use for authentication, this way all IT user just need to use one account to access the WDS server. What I am trying to do is include mapped drives in the PE environment. For example, When an IT users goes to deploy, at this point they boot using PXE into the WinPE environment created by SmartDeploy. In order to get the to the platform packs and images, the user would need to click on network, and enter credentials, I am looking to get these to be mapped already, that way the use can just browse to them. Is there a way to perform this? Can I build something into the PE environment?

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Yes, you can do this via a SmartDeploy answer file.

You will want to perform the following:

  • Run the Media Wizard
  • Proceed to the Optional Components page
  • Click Create and complete the Answer File wizard which will map the directories and choose the settings of your deployment. After you complete it you will see your unattended answer file in the Custom answer file field.
  • Complete the Media Wizard

When you boot to your new boot media your unattended (Or attended depending on what you chose), will take affect with your desired network shares already mapped and setting set.


SmartDeploy Support

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