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Imaging multiple PCs

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Is there a way to image multiple PCs at once with an image on the network? Maybe some kind of unattended imaging process. We image up to 10-15 PCs nightly and I was just curious if there was some way to make it less time consuming and more efficient. Each computer would have to have a separate name to put on the domain obviously. I just don't know the extent of SmarDeploys capabilities.

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Yes, you can place an image in a network share and then browse to it once you boot to our boot media and deploy. We also support creating answer files for an unattended deployment. You can create an answer via the Optional Components page in the Media Wizard. When you boot to your boot media select Deploy an Image -> Advanced -> Identification for the naming options you would like. You can also join a domain via the Deploy Wizard as well.

There are no benefits using SCCM per say, we just integrate with it and WDS. You can find both those white papers here if interested: https://www.smartdeploy.com/support/


SmartDeploy Support

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