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How to make Dell Service Tag the computer name?

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When creating a custom answer file I specify that the new computer name should be created by reading the WMI property. This is the query is uses: SELECT SMBIOSAssetTag FROM Win32_SystemEnclosure

However, one the image completes, it has been adding a 'D' to the service tag. I.e. Service Tag is ABC1234 it will turn it into DABC1234

What can be done to resolve this?

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In order to pull the Dell Service tag for naming the computers please perform the following:

· Boot to your boot environment (SmartPE)

· Click “Deploy an image”

· Click “Advanced”

· Click “Identification” Tab

· Click “User the following naming method”

· Select “Read from WMI property”

· Delete the whole default SMBIOSAssetTag string and add the following instead: SELECT SerialNumber FROM Win32_SystemEnclosure


SmartDeploy Support

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