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Differentiating image refrence alternate


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A differencing WIM is created during capture, and it creates a smaller file that has a parent-child relationship with whichever original WIM file that you specify at capture time. Our intended purpose for the differencing WIM was to allow customers to distribute a smaller file – perhaps to a branch office with limited internet connectivity – so that they wouldn’t need to distribute a huge, multi-GB WIM file each time they needed to refresh their image. Both pieces of that parent-child pair are still needed at deployment time, so the branch office would presumably either use SmartDeploy boot media to point to a network share containing both files, or they could conceivably put all of the files onto a USB stick. When you launch the Capture Wizard you will get an option to make a differencing image and it will require you to point to the original image as well before you proceed.


SmartDeploy Support

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