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How to deploy image over network


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I have successfully deployed images via USB, and it works fine. Looking to implement.....want to attach the SD 'server' to a switch, and then attach any workstation that we are going to re-image to that switch and re-image the workstations while the SD 'server' holds the images, PP, etc....

Problem is i can only get the workstation that we are wanting to image to the PE Environment from booting to SD USB. How do i boot a workstation to the PE environment so that it may access the SD server? Do i need to install DHCP on the SD server or switch. I am not using WDS, or MDT, just SD.

Thank you (again) :)

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You will want to create boot media via the Media Wizard, then boot to it and proceed to the Select Image page and select Browse. Click the network button to map a network share that contains your image and complete the wizard. We also integrate with WDS. If you're interested we have a whitepaper here for more information: https://www.smartdeploy.com/wp-content/uploads/SmartDeploy_WDS.pdf


SmartDeploy Support

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