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Machine joins domain, but not in the requested OU


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I have an issue when reimaging machines that were already joined to the domain. We have several machines that were in a wrong or an old organizational unit. When reimaging those machines, they are correctly (re)joined to the domain but, instead of being moved to the right OU as it's been selected in the wizard, they are kept in the old / wrong OU.

In the NetSetup.log file I've found the following error:

lpMachineAccountOU: OU=Portables,OU=Branch,DC=country,DC=company,DC=com


NetpGetComputerObjectDn: Crack results:  (Account already exists) DN = CN=Hostname,OU=Machines,DC=country,DC=company,DC=com

So it appears that, when the machine already exists in AD, it is just joined to the domain, but not moved to the correct OU, even though the deployment user has permissions to do so.

Is there a way to force the machines to be moved to the correct OU?

Thanks in advance and best regards,
-- Javier Llorente
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Hi Javier,

Usually, it means that the computer account already exists in a different OU than what was specified. You should be able to join without specifying an OU, or if you want the machine account in a different OU, then that account would have to first be deleted or moved.


SmartDeploy Support

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Thanks for the answer.

So, then there's no way to force it in the deployment?


We really miss this "move to new OU" feature as well. We are changing from Symantec Ghost as deployment tool, which had this feature.

We are about to update 1.200 PC's from Win7 to Win10 via SmartDeploy, and we wish to apply new group policies (bound to the new OU) as we redeploy..

This would be a big help..!!


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