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Feature request, include Powershell with SmartPE boot media


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Hi Martin,

Unfortunately, PowerShell commands are not supported in the SmartDeploy PE environment, as the PowerShell environment is not a part of Windows PE.

SmartDeploy Support Team


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So I seem to have successfully added powershell to my SmartPE ISO.

Extracted the ISO, applied the steps in the MS link above to the boot.wim, regenerated a new ISO.

I sure wish SmartDeploy Media Wizard incorporated this. Having Powershell available opens up so many possibilities.

Feature request :)

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Functionally, not that i can tell, works great.

In terms of the agreement, they stated above that it's not supported. Which I accept.

I just don't understand why not, why is powershell not made a native component of SmartPE? It's physically possible and has some great advantages, it seems a pity.

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Agree.  Especially when VBScript is not the preferred method any longer in terms of scripting within a Windows environment.

I know what I am saying are feature requests..

In Tasks: 

Allow to select the type of script being executed instead of having to wrap it within a batch file or calling out vbscript.

Possible a script / text area so you paste in your script code into a task.

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