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UEFI vs Legacy BIOS after SmartDeploy deployment on ProLiant server


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Problem booting ProLiant server after successful deployment of Server 2012 R2.

Image was created successfully using SD, have proper driver packs, etc.

In order to see the smart deploy drive containing image, ProLiant had to be booted using Legacy BIOS. Completed deployment. Rebooted.

Attempted to boot to new image in default UEFI mode, was unable to see OS.

Only when I boot using legacy BIOS can I get it to see the new Server 2012 install; able to boot into windows. Completed setup, logged in successfully, image looks fully deployed. Reboot again into UEFI (default).

Upon reboot again, still cannot find any partition with an OS.

I can't continue using legacy BIOS for many reasons. I need to know if SmartDeploy is able to deploy using UEFI mode on a ProLiant DL360p G9.

server has two raid arrays, one is SSD (For OS), second is SAS (for data storage). Image deployed to SSD logical drive.

SSD logical drive is set as primary boot (in array config)



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