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New to SmartDeploy

When updating the VM with new security patch or adding new platform packs, do i have to recapture/recreate the media?

My enviroment consist of HP 840 G1, but we are switching a few users to 1040 G2, do i (1) just download the new platform pack for the 1040 G2 and deploy as normal or (2) would i have to create a new .wim file for my WDS server?

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Hi Anthony,

Thanks for reaching out. SmartDeploy images are created and maintained in a virtual environment in order to be hardware-independent.

So - to address your two key scenarios:

Installed a new security patch (Windows Updates):
Yes, you would need to gracefully shut down the VM and recapture. Then you would use this new WIM to deploy to your devices.

Downloaded a new Platform Pack/Wish to deploy to another device:

You do not need to recapture your image in this case. As long as you have the correct Platform Pack that matches the target device and the OS of the image you're trying to deploy (e.g. HPEliteBookFolio1040G2-Windows7.ppk), then you should be able to deploy your image to that device. The only thing you might need to do when you download a Platform Pack is re-run Media Wizard to include any additional Windows PE drivers that may have come with the new pack. This will ensure that the SmartDeploy PE environment has all of the drivers it needs for your specific devices in Windows PE, whether that's Ethernet, SATA, or anything else needed before the OS and the full driver set are installed.

If you have any questions or issues, feel free to shoot us an email at support (at) smartdeploy.com.

SmartDeploy Support Team


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