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Problem(kind of) with the final step in deployment

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I am trying to re-image a client PC and every time smart deploy reaches the end of the set up process, a message pops up saying that "the drivers were not successfully injected into the computer." Despite this pop up the drivers seem to be installed in the computer and everything works fine. It's really not a huge deal just something that I would feel better about knowing it worked perfectly. Thanks.

Does anyone know why this is happening?

Is it a problem at all?


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Hi Zach,

Hmmm... That's an odd error message to see if there don't seem to be any driver problems afterward.

Can you pull the following logs and email them to us at support (at) smartdeploy.com?


Be sure to reference this DeployCentral thread in your email.

SmartDeploy Support Team


SmartDeploy User Guides

DeployCentral Forum

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