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Need to change folder locations - no room on OS HDD with latest version


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So stupid me decided to install the latest version, 2.0.1020 on our Hyper V server that hosts the virtual reference machine. We usually do not have OS hard drives for servers larger than 150GB in size and we usually place data files on another partition that is larger in size so that if we ever have to reimage the server, the data files are safe on another partition. With the previous version of Smart Deploy Enterprise v1.5, we had all of the files that Smart deploy needed on the D: drive in a folder labeled "SmartDeploy" and the sub folders for the rest of the files under that one. This new version (2.0.1020) creates that folder, but places it on the C: drive, and from everything I have seen so far, I can not relocate the folder paths to the D: drive where I have more room. I am now getting errors stating that I no longer have enough room to create deploy images, but I would if I could use the 800GB worth of storage on the D:drive.

First, is there a way to redirect those folder paths in the software, and if not, does this mean I will have to uninstall the 2.0.1020 software and reinstall the 1.5 software? Most software gives you the option of changing locations when it is installing files and prompts where you would like those data files to be stored, but this new version is not giving me that option. :(

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It is purely optional to use the new C:\SmartDeploy folder structure, as well as the console libraries that they correspond to. All of the wizards will continue functioning exactly as they did previously, even if you have your VMs, images, platform packs, etc. stored on a secondary drive – you would simply need to browse to that location from the wizard as you did before.

Based on customer feedback, we are planning to add the ability to select a different location for use in the console libraries in a future release.


SmartDeploy Support

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