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VMWare ESXi cannot connect virtual disk


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Just testing Smartdeploy.

We have ESXi with VSphere 5.5.
I ins​talled a new Win7 x64 machine with no snapshots. Powered off the machine. Copied the virtual files on a place where I can Access it via Smartdeploy. Is this correct to copy the files ? Because when I copy the files with VSphere to another place the xxx.vmdk file is automatically renamed to xxxx-flat.vmdk

With the Capture Wizard I selected the virtual disk. Then I get the message: "Unable to connect to the virtual disk"

Thanks for help

Ciao Simon

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You can capture the virtual reference machine when it’s powered on. To do so, boot the virtual reference machine to the C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartDeploy\SmartDeploy Enterprise\SmartDeploy_x86.iso. Select the capture option and capture the image to a network share, which can also be the local host. Let us know your results. This process is documented in the User Guide on page 49.


SmartDeploy Support

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