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Local Admin pulling Default Profile


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Has anyone had the occurrence of their Local Administrator profile (set up within the image) not transferring over during deployment? I have checked "enable local admin account" and made sure w/i the image that the admin account was set up correctly before creating a separate default profile for the OS. After deployment when i log on as Local Admin, I'm not getting the profile I set up, but rather the Default profile. All of the other profiles I've setup within the image transfer over without any issues, and the default profile applies to new users as it should. This is a Windows 7 Pro image.

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This happens on all of our images. It's a local admin account. We are a public school district and each device has local administrator enabled. We enable local admin on the VM and set up the profile. Then we create a default profile for any other users and then add the few particular profiles we know that school will use. During the deployment process and setting up the unattend answer file we make sure that the "enable local admin" option is checked, and everything works quite well except that the admin profile we set up in the VM doesn't appear as it should. You still have proper admin privileges but the start menu and desktop settings are not as they should be.

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