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Select from two different images in a single USB Flash Drive


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I've searching the forums and looks that nobody has been in this issue before, so here goes my question:

I have to deploy offline 2 different images for both Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Enterprise, depending on the user current hardware and needs. I have 64GB Flash Drives, so I have enough space to put both images on them. I know that the local onsite technician can browse and manually select the image to be deployed, but we have some small sites where we don't have always a local technician, so sometimes the deployment task will have to be done by the office manager or someone else who may be just an end user.

When I have multiple selections for joining a domain, I can define in the SmartDeploy.xml file a drop-down menu using the <domain_options> and <organizational_unit_options> tags. My question is: is there a way I can make the image file selectable by some kind of drop down or radio button menu, just like the multiple selections for the domain?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

-- Javier Llorente

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You can capture both images into a single image file (.wim). If you do this then the Deploy Wizard will have a drop down for which image index you want to deploy.

When running the Capture Wizard, browse to the existing .wim file, and you will be prompted to add this image to the existing file.


SmartDeploy Support

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