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Precision T3600 Workstation


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I have two Dell Precision T3600 Workstations that I would like to re-image using SmartDeploy. I have the proper Platform Pack, and my deployment media (thumb-drive) works well on all my other computers. After booting with the thumb-drive, SmartDeploy does not see the hard drive. As far as I can tell (without pulling it out) the T3600 has SCSI drives....not SATA. I saw no obvious settings in the BIOS that would need to change either.

What am I missing? Will SmartDeploy work with SCSI drives?


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Hi Tom,

It's an older model, but it's likely that the pack needs an update; it hasn't been touched since 2013. Go ahead and submit the Platform Pack Request Form (here), and we'll see if there are updated (or alternate) hard disk drivers available.

SmartDeploy Support Team


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