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Incrementing custom naming


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I'm fairly new to imaging & deployment configuration, hoping someone can advise me a bit.

How might I approach getting SmartPE to use a vbs to update SmartDeploy.xml? (//identification/custom_naming_scheme)

In my current (MDT) environment we use an incrementing computer naming scheme of PC-xxxxx.

Our MDT runs a vbs that:

1. queries a SQL value (the last PC-# that was issued)

2. updates that value to increment by +1

3. sets the new value as OSDComputerName for LT to use

I've modified the script so that step 3 now updates an xml file instead, but am unsure how to implement it with SD, bake it into the PE iso.
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If i'm understanding correctly, you won't need to update the SmartDeploy.xml and run your task as a pre-image task. Here is a good forum post regarding tasks:



SmartDeploy Support

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I added an "After image is applied" task that ran the vbs and seemed to successfully update the \Windows\Panther\unattend.xml file in the freshly imaged drive ... this is what's used by sysprep when the imaged OS boots right?

But it didn't take, as if something reverted/overwrote it again after my process ... the computer booted up with the old, pre-task name, derived from SmartDeploy.xml.

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