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I have been a smart deploy user for more than a year now, for the most part i have enjoyed the experience.

Currently i am having two different issues...One is just annoying and One renders the product useless.

I'll start with the primary:

1. I am currently receiving a "Unable to locate a license file" message every time I boot into the new boot environment. Smart deploy proceeds to shutdown. Why is this occurring and how do i get this resolved? the product is currently unusable.

2. While smart deploy was working (note that of course it no longer is), the Deployment Media would be mapped as C. The deployment stops with an error since the disk is the active one. The solution to this has been to run diskpart to re assign drive letters- but I am needing a long term solution.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

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1. We have seen this occur if anti-virus interfers or if the license life becomes corrupted somehow. To resolve, disable any anti-virus, and going to Control Panel ->Add/Remove and right click on the SmartDeploy and selecting "Repair" then recreate your boot media.

2. Running Diskpart is the most effective way to fix this as you're doing. This happens when the targets machine's drive structure needs to be recreated for whatever reason. You could create a pre-image task to do this if you do not want to do it manually. Also, if you haven't already upgrade to version SmartDeploy 1.1.5010 and that may fix the issue as well.


SmartDeploy Support

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