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Upgrade SDE software

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We are currently running version 1.1.2010 and are starting to notice that newer laptops (Lenovo T450/W550s) are not booting with the NIC being recognized during the deployment. Some of the devices are also booting to the USB drive, but the wizard is unable to see the USB, just the internal HD.

We have downloaded the latest PPK's and tried creating new boot media, which has proven unsuccessful. I see the latest version (1.1.400) is available. Is it easy to just install the latest version and continuing using the product, or are there licensing issues? Or would updating not resolve the issues?


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Yes, upgrading to the latest version will help in those situations you described. Basically, when you upgrade you're upgrading to Windows PE 5.1 (Along with other fixes) which has built in USB support as well as more built in support for network cards.

You can simply run the installer over what you have installed without issue. You will need to recreate your boot media once the new version is installed.


SmartDeploy Support

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