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Trying to use Ultra vnc with smartdeploy vnc server?

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In order to connect to the VNC server you will need a VNC viewer that is compatible with the RC4 DSM plug-in. Next you will need the key file from SmartPE. You can copy it off a machine that is booted to SmartPE by pressing Shift + F10 to open a command prompt then changing directory to X:\Windows\System32, from there copy sdvncsvr.key. You will need to use this key with your VNC viewer. We would recommend using UltraVNC viewer. If you change the DSMPlugin to MSRC4 and copy the sdvncsvr.key file to UltraVNC’s program files folder and rename it rc4.key you should be able to connect. (As a note the latest version of UltraVNC dropped the RC4 Plugin so you will want to grab version


Or you don’t have to use a VNC viewer and can simply use manage.smartdeploy.com and click on Computer Management and your PE session should be displayed.


SmartDeploy Support

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