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No PXE boot from WDS


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I'm evaluating SmartDeploy and it seems like a great product, but without any PXE boot it's useless to me.

When I try to run a network boot on a PC, it just gives me the DHCP........ cursor along with the MAC address of the PC. So it's not picking up an address in order to PXE boot it seems. What am I missing? Not sure if its on the DHCP server side or some WDS configuration. I did notice that the DHCP authorization is off on the WDS side by default. Should it be enabled?

I have a DHCP server on and WDS server on My understanding is that since they're on the same subnet, there are no DHCP options needed? Even with options 60,66,67 configured, I still get no love from WDS.

I should mention that DHCP & WDS are on separate 2012 R2 servers (on the same network) while client PCs are on a different VLAN. I did see some suggestion about adding an IP helper address to (my WDS server)...but I've gotten nowhere.

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Hi pax,

SmartDeploy definitely supports PXE boot via WDS - you can read more on how to complete this setup and create compatible images here (direct link to PDF).

Network configurations vary quite a bit, so we can't speak to your specific scenario - but as a general rule, DHCP must be available on the same network, and configured with an active scope. Check the "Getting Started Guide" for WDS on Windows Server 2012 on TechNet here.

If you have any further questions, feel free to shoot us an email at support@smartdeploy.com.

SmartDeploy Support Team


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