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Platform Pack Maint/Efficiency


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We have a wide variety of hardware types in our environment. There are 2 tasks that I would like for it to be more efficient with regard to dealing with Platform Packs.

1. Platform Pack Updates. It is very time consuming to re-download all platform packs (one at a time) in order to ensore that the 40+ we are using are the latest version with the latest drivers. For the most part we download a platform pack and forget about it until we run into an issue and re-download to get the later version (reactive approach). Requested Solution: To have a method to batch download multiple platform packs at time.

2. Default Platform Pack creation/maintenance. It takes a long time to import 1 PPK at a time to create the default.ppk. Is there a method, scripting or other tool, to import multiple platform packs simultaneously? Requested Solution: Either enable the ability within Platform Manager to import multiple ppks at once, create a wizard type tool that allows for creating the default.ppk using a source directy of all desired ppks to import.

Thanks. Joe

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Thanks for that suggestions. We will let the team know as we understand downloading each pack one at a time can be time consuming. The next version of SmartDeploy may get away with combined packs all together. We are still finalizing the details, but the idea would be you would save all the desired platform packs in a directory, then our Wizards would search that directory and find the correct pack that matches the hardware.That way there would be no import process at all.


SmartDeploy Support

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