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Unable to deploy using USB offline media


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I have successfully deployed a couple images using a USB drive, but now I've run into a problem that seems to be related to the drive letter assigned to the USB drive when the target computer is booted.

The USB drive is being assigned drive letter C instead of E, F, or whatever. When I choose the image to use from the USB drive, the path is C:\z\ImageName.wim. When SmartDeploy tries to proceed, it displays this message: "Unable to deploy to the volume containing the image." I assume this is because it is trying to write to drive C because that should be the local hard drive, but it is actually the SmartDeploy USB drive. It looks like the local hard drive is being assigned drive letter D.

I looked around in the bios to see if I can control the drive letters, but I didn't see anything. This has happened on an HP machine and a Dell machine, so it seems to be something with SmartDeploy or my USB drive.

It is probably coincidental, but this started right after I upgraded SmartDeploy from eval to a full license.

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The existing drive partitions probably need to be recreated. Once you enter SmartPE you can hit Shift-F10 to bring up a command prompt and run Diskpart from there. Complete the following commands:

  • Diskpart
  • List Disk
  • Select Disk 0
  • Clean (this destroys all data)
  • Create partition primary
  • Active
  • Format quick fs=ntfs
  • Exit
  • Attempt to re-deploy
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