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Unattended Deploy does nothing after provisioning Disks

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I am currently using Windows Server 2012 /R2 with WDS. I have created an Unattended SmartDeploy boot.wim and added that do WDS. The process goes off without a hitch until right after SmartDeploy tries to connect to WDS session. The progress box disappears and all I can see is a Black screen with the SmartDeploy info at the bottom right. I can still move my mouse around but other than that, nothing at all.

Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

John King

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Sorry to hear you're having trouble. A few things to try:

1. Make sure antivirus is disabled (sometimes even a full uninstall is needed)

2. Recreate your boot media

3. Import into WDS and redeploy

If that doesn't resolve the issue, please email support@smartdeploy.com to continue troubleshooting.

Thanks for choosing SmartDeploy!

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