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Updating Images/Packs


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When it is time for me to update the VM (patches, program updates etc) and platform packs do I need to recreate the boot media? I generally patch my VM, shut it down and then run the capture wizard replacing the old one with the same name. I also update my platform packs regularly, i have them all combined into a default.ppk and then delete and import the new ppks I am wanting to update in the default.ppk. If I keep everything with the same name and file location - do I need to recreate the boot media each time I update the Image or PPKs?



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Hi Mark,

If you update your default.ppk you'll want to re-create your boot media as that will contain the latest drivers for deployment. Even if you're not using the latest pack to create your boot media, and browsing through the network for your updated platform pack via the Deploy Wizard, you should still update your boot media as there are Windows PE drivers that may need to be injected into your boot media such as USB support and Ethernet for various models in the pack. If you're not updating any packs, your method of updating/shutdown/capture/deploy will work just fine.


SmartDeploy Support

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