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Automatically mount network drive/pick image


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Is there a way to automatically have the PE environment map the network drive where my image is located OR just pick the image?

I love the ease of use, but it seems like since the goal is to create one gold image and use PPKs to inject drivers, having to map a drive and pick an image is extra work.

I'd love to be able to throw in a USB drive, boot to it, and have the install kick off.

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Hi Jeff,

To perform an unattended deployment, please perform the following:

- Boot to your boot media

- Click "Deploy an Image"

- Proceed through the deployment wizard choosing all desired settings, mapping drive, etc until you reach the summery page.

- Click Export

- Choose to export it as an unattended deployment

- Launch the Media Wizard on your SmartDeploy technician computer

- Proceed through the wizard until you reach the Optional Components page

- Click "Browse" in the answer file field and browse to the answer file you exported above

- Complete Media Wizard

- Boot to new boot media and your deployment should start after a 1min countdown


SmartDeploy Support

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