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I started the SmartDeploy.iso and Capture Wizard. I'm at the Save Image As dialog and it's asking where to save the image.

The problem is that I have a 350 MB C: drive, a 40 GB D: drive (the drive that I'm trying to capture), and a Boot X: drive at 123 MB. Network Drive gives me an Error 1231. Where am I supposed to save the image? Is there some way to add external storage?

It doesn't see the large volumes that are accessible on the Host computer, nor the large USB drive that's plugged into the host.

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You should be able to map a network share.

The 1231 error indicates "The network location cannot be reached"

Can you access the share from your host machine? If you can, you may need the change the network settings on your virtual reference machine. Perhaps to NAT or bridged.


SmartDeploy Support

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Yeah, I notice under the SmartPE settings that it doesn't appear a NIC is loaded. There are several choices, none of which are LAN Adapter. I'll look for NAT or bridged.

The network share is the \\host\F$. I also tried \\FQDN\F$ and \\IP_address\F$. So the missing network adapter must be it. It's not explained in any of the guides. I'm going to try and find something regarding this on a SmartPE website.

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