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Custom Answer File Delay


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I am currently using SmartDeploy Enterprise 1.1.2000 and USB flash media to deploy images in the office. I've created a custom answer file to eliminate some of the screens during the imaging process and it does work as intended; however, there is a delay before SmartDeploy is able to actually use the answer file. When I boot off of a USB flash drive and reach the "Welcome to SmartDeploy Enterprise" screen, I need to wait at least 30 seconds before clicking on "Deploy an image" or the answer file will not be read and I will have to manually complete every screen. If I wait for 30 seconds or longer, then the imaging process uses the answer file to prepopulate and skip the designated screens. This seems a little strange since the file is only 5k in size and resides on the root of the USB flash drive. Is there a way to force SmartDeploy to instantly recognize its answer file so that I can click on "Deploy an image" as soon as it appears on the screen?

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There is no way to force SmartDeploy to instantly recognize the answer as it already should be. It seems like it may be possible that the USB drivers are still initializing and perhaps that's why the wait is needed? Have you tried other USB ports? Perhaps another USB stick to see if it's an issue with the actual USB?


SmartDeploy Support

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I have used two different USB 2.0 flash drives and I've also tried multiple USB ports on the system, including both USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports. It is very puzzling because I can't think of anything that would be causing any noticeable delay for SmartDeploy in reading a 5k XML file off of flash media.

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