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Problem Creating Offline Deployment Discs

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Smart Deploy Version 1.1.1990

Whenever I make a Windows 7 64-bit image and span it across 3 DVD-Rs. The 3rd disc comes back with an error after I have inserted the disc and wait for the reader to get ready. The error reads:

" An error has occurred while applying the image"

When I try a second time (starting from disc 1) to load the image on the same machine, the 3rd disc is fine. I've made new disc 3's and tried a slower speed at burning disc 3 from ISO, and if I put in disc 3 for the first time in a computer, I always get the error. I've also used media creator to make a new ISO's, and I still get the same problem. I've modified the original VM, just a little, and still, I cannot image a machine from the 3 disc DVD-R set on the first try with disc 3. I've tried different computers and different external and internal readers, and the issue is still there. I've tried different burning software, and the error still happens with disc 3 and the error does not occur when I load the same machine a second time.

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Once you receive the error, please return to the SmartPE splash screen and hit Shift-F10 to bring up a command prompt. Then browse to X:\Windows\Temp\Deploy.log and send that log to support@smartdeploy.com and we can investigate the issue further. Do you have access to a USB that could hold the image? We would recommend deploying via USB over spanned DVDs anyway, as usually just Windows 7 Sp1 and a few programs will be too big for a DVD.


SmartDeploy Support

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