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Lots of Platform Packs in Default.ppk = Bloated Image?


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I have a Default.ppk that I use for all my standard Desktop/Laptop Models (13 different Dell models) currently the ppk file is about 2.7Gb obviously this will generally only grow bigger as we add new Models.

Does the size of the ppk incease the size of the deployed Windows image significantly? (10GB+) Or is it minimal (1GB)? I will try a test and image with a single ppk of a laptop model vs the Default.ppk

and see what the C: drive space used comes out to be. I have jsut noticed my default image size for W7 64bit is up to 30GB. Granted that has Office 2010, plus all the normal Ninite apps I use on top the of the latest Windows updates.

Loving the product so far - what a breath of fresh air compared to Ghost/Acronis!



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Hi Mark,

Glad you're enjoying the product! The platform packs do not increase the size of your image, as they are separate from the image. When you deploy using a pack, the drivers that are used are copied to the C:\Platform folder of the target machine, which can take up some space, but normally not much, and you can always delete the folder afterwards.

To estimate the amount of space C:\Platform will take on your target machine, you could extract the OS node that you would be using and check the properties. Just to clarify, C:\Platform only contains the drivers from the manufacturer/model/OS you used to deploy, so if you have a bunch of other models in there, those wouldn't be copied over.


SmartDeploy Support

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