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Input Issue on PXE Boot


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So, after getting Lenovo's new 4th generation based Intel machines, I'm having some issues getting the keyboard and mouse to work upon starting up SmartDeploy. I've created a new BOOT.WIM with a platform pack from the M73 as well as a custom pack built with the M73's USB 3.0 drivers in the WinPE section. The second pack, and BOOT.WIM work sporadically - an issue I cannot figure out. The first BOOT.WIM, built from the unaltered M73 platform pack for Windows Deployment Services, does not ever work. It boots properly, and the SmartDeploy screen comes up, but the keyboard and mouse are no longer detected and no longer work. I'm not able to get any kind of log file or see where the issue is. Is there a driver for the M73 that controls the USB hub that is missing or is there a reason why a basic HID device would fail in the WinPE environment?

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We've seen issues with these new ThinkCentre's if the USB drivers are in PE. So, can you build boot media from just the single M73 pack from our website? Can't be combined with any other pack. This pack does not have USB drivers in the Windows PE node, and that has fixed the same issue on the M93.


SmartDeploy Support

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Well I'll be. Under preliminary testing, that seems to have fixed the issue. What I have to figure out now, is how it to make it work with the rest of the models that we work with. In your testing with the M93, were you able to add other network drivers to the platform pack to work with other machines or was its success limited to being isolated to the single set of ethernet drivers?

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