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What would be the cause when Deploy Wizard spits out an error at Disk Options that say: The image data is too large for the target drive.

Obviously the hard drive is not too small. The image is not even 10GB and hard drive is 128GB. This is what happens if I choose the option Recreate drives.

If however I choose Wipe and load drives option it throws error: The taget computer does not contain a corresponding partition.

I am pretty puzzled here. Any idea what might be causing this? How can I get it to work? The computer I am trying to image is HP EliteBook 2530p.


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Could you please try using the single platform pack for the 2530p and see if that fixes the issue? Also, could it be picking up a recovery partition of some sorts? If you open a command prompt and run Diskpart, is your desired target disk, disk 0?


SmartDeploy Support

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