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Machine not joining the domain


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I have built an image with SmartDeploy and I am deploying the image. Everything is working well with the exception of the machine joining the domain.

I put in the proper credentials and I verified them with our network team but the machine never actually joins the domain. Any thoughts on what I am missing?

Domain - Chart-ind.local

organizational unit cn=computers,dc=chart-ind,dc=local

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This is worth mentioning though:

CN should be used if the container name has been created by default when you installed AD (System Based container). For instance, the container Computers on the top level of your AD structure should be referred to as CN=Computers,DC=Domain,DC=Com.

Whereas your containers that you created yourself, should be referred to as OU (Organizational Unit). You can always check what type of object it is by right clicking on it and selecting Properties -> Object tab. Check the Object Class to see if it's a Container or Organizational Unit. For instance OU=Computers,OU=OfficeEurope,DC=Domain,DC=Com.

Containers have a plain icon when OUs have little books in the icon.

Truthfully if I want new computers to go to the default Computers container, I just leave the field blank.

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