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SQL Server 2005 OSQL performance issue


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Recently we've noticed when deploying SQL Server 2005 with SP4 from a SmartDeploy image that the performance of OSQL has dropped dramatically. When we deploy s database from the command line using OSQL each individual command takes about 3 seconds to process for simple .SQL files that are building tables/store procedures/indexes, etc. Prior to May of 2013 images deployed from SmartDeploy OSQL commands would process in less than a second. What used to take 10 minutes to deploy a database now takes up to 4 hours. I've even tried removing all Windows updates to resolve the problem. Anyone else seen anyting like this?

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Thanks for the quick reply. We've done some more testing and found out that it was an application that had recently been updated in all the images that was causing the problem. The application is GreenPrint version 2.5.0. Come to find out it was causing other performance issues too. Just the simple act of locking a workstation was taking about 8-10 seconds to complete and other applications were starting to show performance problems. After removing the offending application now SQL Server OSQL processes commands in a more expedient manner. Seems strange that a printing utility should be causing so many performance issues like this. We've notified the vendor about the issue.

Thanks for a great product.

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