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Many Problems With Trial Version


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Greetings! I'm hoping you could give me some assistance. I'm 5 days into my 15-day eval. and have now just gotten around to the deployment stage. Your demo mentioned that one can have many different platforms of machines in a single Platform Pack. My first question is: How does Smart Deploy know which set of drivers to use? Do you have to specify?

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You will not need to specify which drivers you will need. You will only need to select the platform pack that is created for the model of computer you're attempting to deploy too. SmartDeploy detects the computer manufacturer, model and OS you're attempting to deploy too via the computer's WMI. You can read more about the platform pack technology here: http://smartdeploy.com/technology/platformpacks


SmartDeploy Support

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That's what I thought. I will certainly look more into this. To make my testing easier, I have limited myself only to the platform pack of the target machine. I've not changed anything, but every other time I apply an image I receive the "unable to inject necessary drivers" error. Any idea on what causes that? Like I said, I haven't changed anything regarding the platform pack at all, I've only been modifing slightly the settings in the Deploy Wizard.

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