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I've been reading through a number of posts re: SmartDeploy and Sysprep answer files.

Is it possible to call\invoke a standard sysprep unattend file as well as the SmartDeploy one?

There at least three reasons I could thinkof that this would be a good idea.

1). Reduce the number of times sysprep is run on your stock image.

2). I would like to configure as much as possible using the same method rather than, sysprep, vbs, groups policies etc.

3). Some Sysprep settings can only be configured when certain devices are available. i.e. DNS settings for "Local Area Conenction" only rather than globally. My laptops users have a dhcp wireless connection and static LAN connections.



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Hi Steve,

Unfortunately Sysprep can only accept one answer file. If you wanted to combined your answer file with the SmartDeploy answer file at deployment time this could be done, however would require a custom script to merge the two XML files, or add the new settings to the SmartDeploy created unattend.xml.



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