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Computer not showing in Comp Management after being deleted

Ted Pruitt

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I had an odd issue with a laptop that required me to rejoin it to our domain - and as a part of that I went ahead and deleted it from the SmartDeploy console. Now it won't come back.

I've checked and it pings in both directions. SmartDeploy Client is running. I removed and reinstalled the SmartDeploy Client, just to be safe. Anything else that could be a possibility? I'm stumped. Does it get marked as having been deleted somewhere and not allowed to come back? Maybe a database I have to remove a flag from or something? Any help would be appreciated.

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Yes, you will have to manually update the clients. You can select all the machines you want to update via CTRL-A. Yes, most likely you will have to remove that entry from the database. Please email support@smartdeploy.com and refer to this thread. By the end of the day tomorrow, these forums won't be available due to some upgrades on the backend. I can then show you the steps to get into the database.



SmartDeploy Support

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