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Update Existing Windows PCs to Windows Build 20H2 from Build 1909 or older

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Hello I was wondering if it was possible to setup an Application Pack to Install the 20H2 Build Update? We are currently relying on WSUS and the process has been slow going as our users will not log-off or restart after they receive the update or we are running the update manually. It would be helpful if we could schedule the update using smartdeploy after work ours with no interaction needed from the user. 

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Not at this time. Managing Windows Updates is not currently a feature of SmartDeploy, but I believe it is on the product roadmap, so please send any thoughts about what you'd like to see in such a feature to feedback@smartdeploy.com

The best method for managing Windows Updates currently is to simply install them on your reference VM - note that we only recommend installing Security and Quality Updates onto your reference VM. You should not install any Feature Updates to your existing VM (e.g. Version 21H1 to 21H2), as this involves a Sysprep run and a full in-place upgrade on the VM, and may leave it in an unreliable state for deployment. 

See: Best Practices to Create Your Reference Virtual Machines 
SmartDeploy Support
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